The latest craze to hit the UK is a Dart Tag fun game better known as ‘Nerf’ and it has become as popular as Paintball was in the mid 1980’s. With Nerf Rival has landed for Spring 2016 and the gap between Paintball and Nerf complete it will be a whole 'New Foam Ball Game' from here on in. NERF Rival with the all new 'Foam Ball' with twice the power and superb accuracy it really is a new era for NERF style games & fun. We call it 'MEGA BALL', and we will launch this new addition of NERF fun for children's and adult parties from May Half Term, 2016, watch the news page for more information.

Dart Tag and Foam Ball is much safer, more fun than both paintball and Air-soft (BB) and it is as popular as Laser Quest with a huge following in the UK. There is no pain involved in Dart Tag or Foam Ball and children as young as 5 (when accompanied by an adult) can have fun in our Mega Blaster Freestyle World.

We also now have NERF Rival which take NERF fun to another level for the 12+ age group with blasters that fire foam balls twice the distance of traditional NERF blasters, it is the next step towards that jump up to Paintball for all children over the age of 12……..exciting times for children who love to play NERF style games and even more opportunities for adults to enjoy this type of harmless fun.

We call NERF Rival ‘Mega Ball’ and this style of NERF fun will be launched in May Half term 2016… our NEWS page for more details.