The Blasters

The Blasters we use are the latest ‘Nerf’ N-Strike Elite range including the Mega Range, Mega Bows, Mega Cyclone Shock, BIG Shock and Mastodon. Also the all NEW Nerf N-Strike Modulus Blaster and even newer Tri-strike, the ultimate Boy Power Blasters. We also stock 8 Elite Hyperfire blasters for the dart hungry guys who like to see the darts fly.

Also in our extensive armory are 20 very rare Speed Swarm blasters that anyone can use even a five year old who finds some of our blasters to difficult. So, we have blasters for everyone especially Dads who never get old!!

We also have four extremely rare Havok Fire Blasters to protect your bases, the kids ultimate blaster with chain feed and 25 rounds in one press………. simply awesome.

We also have ‘Nerf’ Blasters for our female players including the Rebelle Guardian Crossbow and Rebelle Heartbreaker Bow and the all new Rebelle Fearless Fire Blaster, the ultimate Girl Power Blaster.

The New N-Strike Elite CS-12 and the NERF Rival range will be on offer from March 2016 but with a higher age limit of 10+ due to the power and strength needed to operate theses new blasters.

New for NERF for 2016 with NERF Rival, it has been in the wings for almost 4 years and has finally landed on our shores aimed at the next generation of NERF hero’s who want more power, more accuracy, more distance before stepping up to Paintball.

Nerf Rival Zeus, Nerf Rival Apollo, Nerf Rival Khaos and the new Nerf Rival Artemis are already in our hands. New for 2017 is the awesome MXVR-10K Nemesis, coming in summer 2017…………… this space.