Our Top Five NERF RIVAL Blasters for 2018 (available models only)

Number 1: The Nemesis MXVII-10K

Number 2: The Hera MXVII-1200

Number 3: The Helios XVIII-700

Number 4: The Artemis XVII-3000

Number 5: The KRONOS XVIII 500

In this test review we will explain what are good and what not so good in this informative look at the NERF RIVAL Range of Blasters.

No.1The Nemesis, quite simply awesome firepower and a Paintball style 100 ball hopper integrated into the blaster. Yes, its noisy, yes it’s heavy, yes you can add a strap to alleviate that issue but other than that it’s supremely accurate, fully auto if required, has excellent ROF of 6/7 balls per second, 30/32m range. With the correctly chosen standard batteries add another 5 meters to that and another two balls per second, just depends if you know what batteries to use! (Later on that)

No.2The Hera, certainly not been out long and most have never seen it but we have 10 of them and they are the NEW Zeus in our mind, slick to look at and hold, semi auto, stick fed from the bottom, light, again supremely accurate, a beautiful trigger even further range than the Nemesis and again has one real big bonus or should I say three:- takes The NEW re-chargeable battery pack, 6xC’s, 6xD’s in the same Khaos battery tray, how clever is that. No sniping with this either, you can hear them coming 20 meters away. Again, with correct batteries another 5 meters in range.

No.3The Helios, now this is the NEW Apollo, it’s had an upgrade as did the Zeus and what a difference this has made. Slick, easier firing via a side cocking bolt rather than top and so, so accurate just like its predecessor.  Again, range is just as good as The Hera but no batteries needed. A million times better than the Apollo, sniping a definite.

No.4The Kronos, now this is a revelation, a pistol sized blaster at last with internal chamber for those last five balls when your main (The Nemesis) blaster has ran out but your still in the game……not 30+ metres of range but 20/22, very accurate at 15 metres an absolute gem. Very light, can be put into a holster on the hip or leg……a life saver and a game winner in many respects.

No.5The Artemis, this is the best fun Blaster in the RIVAL line-up due to memories of Paintball days gone by and the Classic ‘Sterling’ (long live Cookhill) with slam fire, a built in hopper for 30 balls but no stock…..where is the stock? Range is down on all the other blasters but a great backup blaster for tight situations.

A Special Mention:

The Khaos is not everyone’s cup of tea due to the very awkward and annoying mag/cartridge loading system but some love it due to its shape, feel and looks. It also has excellent range, ROF/firepower and accuracy but no spare magazines on the market…that’s all it needs. Again, correct batteries more range and ROF but no sniping, sounds like a RD250 Yamaha back in the day.

So that’s the RIVAL line-up with the Apollo, Zeus, Khaos and Atlas probably on their way out along with the Artemis just behind them which is a shame.

Not so Good!

When Hasbro first ventured into ‘RIVAL’ to ‘Rival’ Paintball they had to start somewhere and they did this with both the Rival Apollo and the Rival Zeus, both have flaws.  Firstly, the Apollo is difficult to prime hence why you need to be 14+ but don’t get me wrong, a 11 year-old boy can do this. For range only the newer Helios fires further in our tests. The Zeus is a good starting place for the first semi-automatic of the range (batteries needed) but the side loading system and the trigger pull did not give any faith and I doubt these will be on the market much longer since the Helios is light years better all round. Removing the side loading system to a base loading stick fed system and adding the cocking arm to the side is just awesome and looks far better.

The Atlas in our tests is the worst of the entire set and we just don’t recommend this blaster at all.

Exciting news for Autumn 2018 is several New Blasters on the Horizon:

  • The Prometheus MXVIII-20K (image top right)
  • The Hades XVIII-6000 (image 2nd one down, top right)

Now both of these look ridiculously over the top and, well AWESOME. The 200-ball hopper of The Prometheus reminding me of a mini-gun style slung scene in Predator where they ‘Hit Nothing’ after firing off 2,000 rounds…..can’t wait to see this in action. They say it will replace The Nemesis but not a chance, you need to be built like Arnie just to hold it……. might need a bi-pod stand too I feel.

The Hades is definitely going to supersede the Artemis as the only pump action in the range but with double the capacity at 60 balls. That means the fun is going to stay but you have more firepower and less time out of the game or, maybe longer re-loading lol.

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