We did our homework on the opposition a long time ago and there are quite a few businesses that offer Foam dart blaster type fun but it’s just not in the same league as how we do it and these are the reasons why?

  1. Firstly, I would take a look at our movie, this is what we do: http://www.megablasterworld.co.uk/new-mega-blaster-movie/  (we are endorsed by the RAF)
  2. We have an entire armoury we bring to all our NERF Blaster Parties and children want choice, lots of it and we have around 200 blasters that we bring, 150 stay in the storage unit!  
  3. These blasters are split into fully automatic machine Blaster versions, semi automatics, bows, pumps, snipers, single shot, double shot, every type of blaster available to man, woman or child
  4. We have a small armoury for girls, a NERF Rebelle set of blasters in pink!
  5. We also have many different masks & goggles including Full Face versions (150 in total)
  6. We have an accessory department from heaven that every child would just sit in and mod their blaster before play
  7. We have new darts that work not old tat and this matters, we replace them every month (5,000)
  8. We always bring a PA with the right music and signage to help the children remember our safety rules
  9. We always dress the set with 250/300 metres of Blue & Orange bunting to help it look the part
  10. Most importantly, we have the right staff that treat the children the way they should be treated giving them exactly want they want, help, assistance and a BIG smile
  11. Personality matters in the people we place in this environment, they have to be friendly, courteous and DBS checked
  12. We stage freestyle play at the start to help the children get used to all the blasters as there are so many, not just two or three different types, 50 different types
  13. We do a proper presentation at the end of the NERF fun after your birthday cake is cut
  14. We run a game to win NERF blaster prize and Gold, Silver & Bronze runners up medals with ribbons to the winners
  15. We run games the children want so we ask the birthday boy or girl what he/she would like to do as it is all about them not us
  16. We offer every child free darts as part of your party bag if you do one
  17. We offer everyone a Mega Blaster Certificate of merit to go with these
  18. We always give the birthday boy/s or girl/s a surprise birthday present (NEW) blaster valued at £10/12.00 and free Darts plus a gold medal for leadership.
  19. If you stage a NERF Blaster Party for 20 children or more we give away £100.00+ worth of NERF equipment/darts plus a certificate so very good value within your party fee
  20. This is made up of 300 free darts worth £85.00 + a NERF Firestrike – £12.50 + a NERF Jolt – £6.00 and a free Gold Medal for the birthday boy = £103.50.

    These are some of the reasons why we are so popular as all we do is try to make it as spectacular and memorable as possible for the birthday boy or girl and at 150+ parties/events a year we seem to be doing something right.

    All we worry about is that there are many, many operators who just do not take it seriously and do not put in the effort, time and attention to detail as we do as all we are is BIG KIDS who want to make your child’s Birthday the best day ever….in the end it’s you who gets the praise as you hopefully pick us.

    Be very wary and I hope you make the right choice.

    Darryl – Mega Blaster World