Pricing For 2019/2020

Private NERF Blaster Parties start from £240 for a minimum of 15 children at one of our affiliated venues in Kent, up-to a maximum of 25 children @ £16.00/head, 90 minutes game time, unlimited darts, winner prizes, free darts for your Party Bags, Gold, Silver and Bronze medals for game winners and Mega Blaster Certificates for all. If your venue is outdoors (weather permitting) we can cater for much bigger events/parties up-to 40/250 children or adults at one time, one or two 40m x 25m sized arena’s, school PTA fundraisers our speciality. (Indoors only after 16 Sept annually due our inclement weather)

All mobile NERF Blaster Parties are charged £18.50 per person unless you have 25 children or more which is then charged at the lower rate £17.50 per person.

All mobile NERF Blaster Parties that fall within the M25 (including London) are charged at £400.00 for 20 children and above. (20 persons minimum booking applies, reduces to £16.00/person after 25 persons)

NERF Laser Blasters – All children must be over the age of 4 to participate and goggles are not required in game play. 2 hour exclusive party hire (up-to 90 minutes game time and up-to 45 mins for your own party food within our designated party area at our venue – Groombridge Village Hall or Benenden Village Hall) – minimum 20 people with unlimited Darts at £17.50 per person.

For mobile NERF Laser Parties we charge £19.50 per person unless you have 20 children or more which is then charged at the lower rate £17.50 per person. (up-to 90 minutes game time and up-to 45 mins for your own party food within your designated party area – your venue) Minimum 20 persons applies to all mobile laser blaster Parties.

After School Clubs, Holiday Clubs and large Group Bookings are charged at special group rates which are great value:

20 – 34 – £15.00/person – 2hrs party fun

35 – 49 is £14.00/person – 2hrs party fun

50+ is £12.00/person – 2hrs party fun

75+ £10.00/person – 2.5hrs party fun

For NERF RIVAL Blaster Parties all children MUST over the age of 10 to participate and MUST wear Full Face Masks for protection at all times. Foam NERF balls travel at 100 FPS so safety is paramount for all players. (this is basically Paintball without the pain or mess of paintball, semi automatic and fully automatic blasters now available)

All NERF RIVAL Blaster Parties are from £20.00 per person with a minimum of 15 players to constitute a booking. (maximum number of 60 players at any one time)

Mega Blaster World has an affiliation with two indoor venues which can be booked for Blaster Parties without weather restrictions in Kent. They are Groombridge Village Hall & Benenden Village Hall, both just £60.00 for both rooms for the duration of your party and includes the kitchen. We can book this on your behalf subject to availability. You can also book us to come to your venue location, garden or sports hall subject to availability, please see private bookings page for more details.

Bookings are possible for groups and corporate parties of up-to 150 people by telephone – 01892 523693 or 07877 871715 or via e-mail:

Participants must be at least 6 years old and can enter on their own with a signed disclaimer by a parent or guardian. We have no upper age limit.


“The parties and events we run are not in any way endorsed by or linked with Hasbro, Inc.”

“NERF Blasters used in connection with our parties/events are not modified in any way as we only use standard equipment as bought from Hasbro Inc outlets and trade suppliers in the UK”



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