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NERF NEWS NY Toy Fair 2017







Lets just get this out of the way, R&D developments at Hasbro never sleep, when it comes to NERF this year, everyone is going to be talking about The Judge.

This monstrosity holds 30 darts in 10 three-dart configurations. It’s pump action. Upon firing, it will let loose a cluster of three darts at the same time. In other words, despite having 30 darts stored ready to fire, you only get 10 shots but boy does it ever look a true beast when you see it up close and actually try holding it!!

I am also looking forward to the new Raptorstrike from the NERF Accustrike range, the new snipers fav blaster I am sure. And last but not least the new Modulus Regulator with unique selector switch for single-fire, burst-fire and full-auto…….bring the summer.