NERF Darts in their 1,000’s


If your children get through NERF Darts like ‘butter through a knife’ don’t go anywhere else than through us for your NERF Darts as we can save you 72% compared to some well known TOY department superstores!!

RRP for 30 NERF DARTS £8.99, that’s 29p each…….120 NERF Darts is £35.96……….OUCH!

We sell them direct from any NERF Party we hold to the public @ £10.00 for 120 NERF Darts, all brand new and wrapped in cellophane bags of 10, that’s 8p each, a whopping 21p or 72% cheaper through us.

We make a small profit rather than a large one but you never need to pay through the nose again. 

E-mail: to order your NERF Darts in advance of your NERF party. 

Mega Blaster World Team